Baseodiscus delineatus

Baseodiscus delineatus

Biological Flags

  • Ecosystem: Marine
Languages: English



(from the Allan Hancock Pacific expeditions 1935-1940)

Without white rings; longitudinally striated with numerous interrupted and irregularly anastomosing, very narrow black or dark brown lines. 


Reproduction and Development

Gonochoristic with external outcross fertilization.  Planktonic pilidium larvae


Up to 8 cm in length


Eurythermal and euryhaline



An epibenthic species found in intertidal gravel, shell hash of oyster reefs, dock pilings.

(from the Allan Hancock Pacific expeditions 1935-1940) 

Beneath stones and among corals and other growths as well as in sand near low-water mark and below.


Indian River Lagoon (Fort Pierce, Florida, USA)

(from the Allan Hancock Pacific expeditions 1935-1940) 

One of the most widely distributed of all species of nemerteans, being reported from both Northern and Southern hemi-spheres and under widely diverse temperature conditions; Mediterranean to Cape Verde Islands, Mauritius, Fiji Islands, Barbados, Bermuda, Chile, Gulf of California.

Known Prey Organisms

annelid worms


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