Carcinonemertes caissarum

Carcinonemertes caissarum Santos, Norenburg and Bueno, 2006

Biological Flags

  • Ecosystem: Marine
  • Life style: Commensal
Languages: English


Type Locality

Poco Beach, Sao Sebastiao Island, Brazil, (23°45'S, 45°16'W)

General Description

Body color varies from translucent white to orange. Two eyes, black. Anterior end of body

rounded or pointed; posterior end pointed. Worms 1.3–4.3mm long. Accessory stylets

absent. Ovaries arranged in one row on each side of intestine. Takakura’s duct present.

Ornamented and filiform mucus sheath attached to pleopods of hosts may be present in

adult worms.



Hepatus pudibundus